Matheus Costa

fullstack developer

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Hello there!

I'm Matheus Costa, I am 25 years old and I'm a fullstack developer for 10 years now. I've stated my career with PHP at 2009, making whole systems (at the time that was no such thing as frontend or backend in Brazil). Some years later I've started to love more and more working with frontend and the famous Web 2.0, tableless and some time later for AngularJS.

Nowdays I work as a freelancer developing products for companies.


My go to tool this days is Javascript 🤘 (Vue, React, Node), but I do work with PHP and Wordpress 👊 and, some times, even C# 🎮 (learning to make games, it's awesome!)

I'm completly in love with Vue ❤️ (btw, this site is built with VuePress)


Some companies that I've work with: Globo, Satia, Ceva, Neofit, Fábrica de Doces Brasil, Japa Temaki, GPME, Qranio, BRMedia Group, Pagar.me e Digital House Brasil]

Personal Projects

As the majority of my time today, is to work as freelancer, I also do some side projects in-between jobs. This very site is one of them, build with VuePress ❤️.

Another project is called LoDuo, a tool to help 🎮 League of Legends Players find better partners (duos) for better matchs. I can't share it (yet) but soon enough I'll post a link here.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub and LinkedIn